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Google Superbowl Commercial – With a Tiger Twist

Posted by Paull Young on February 8th, 2010 at 12:00 am

The big conversation at the iMedia Summit today has been focusing on the Superbowl advertisements - no surprise really given the event kicked off with a Superbowl party & Bob Garfield's opening keynote was a deconstruction of the ads.

The biggest talking point with this crowd: Google's ad. Most love it (in fact I just polled 24 brand marketers & 15 loved it while only 2 didn't like it). Yesterday during the Superbowl my CEO Rob Key leant over to Craig Daitch & I seconds after the spot aired and said "how long until we see a parody of that online?"

Well, Slate didn't disappoint with this satirical take on the ad seen through the eyes of Tiger Wood's search history after that fateful day in November:

Hat tip to our good friends at Agency Spy! And stay tuned to our @Converseon Twitter account for updates from the conference. This post cross-posted from the Converseon blog.

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