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Get Ready To Pay A Premium For Creative Re-Targeting

Posted by Jay Friedman on December 31st, 2009 at 12:00 am

The new proposed IAB guidelines isn't breaking news, but the uproar I would have expected over some of its elements hasn't occurred. The two major revisions, assuming both parties in the buy agree to these new terms, say that creative re-targeting can no longer be used without a separate agreement (and payment, we assume) and that publishers can no longer build profiles of their users based on how those users interact with one advertiser or another.   
I won't comment on the publisher end of this since my familiarity lies much more with how our clients (advertisers and agencies) will react to the inability to creative re-target going forward.  My initial reaction to the creative re-targeting issue is that advertisers have probably enjoyed something too good to be true at no cost for too long and it's appropriate to come to an end.  It was clearly a technological way to circumvent the spirit and intent of advertising on the site.  This said, most endemic sites sell out of their inventory, and as such, have no more audience to offer - even if the advertiser wanted to pay for it.  In this way, who is it hurting to re-target those users... Read more

3 Big, Bad Steps to Better Creative

Posted by Robert Boman on December 30th, 2009 at 12:00 am

The secret's out: I'm not exactly a blend-into-the-background kind of guy. I like to come out on top, whether it's catching the biggest fish, scoring the cheapest plasma, or putting away one more hot wing than the guy next to me.
That doesn't change when I'm at the office. Unfortunately, it's easy to get caught up in the excitement of new things and forget to look back. It's hard to be the best, though, if you don't remember to: "Create it. Measure it. Improve it."
If only we could tackle online creative like the Three Little Pigs. Yes, even this Harley-ridin' 40-something knows a nursery rhyme or two.
The first little pig had the right idea when he built that straw house: Construct a shelter that would keep him dry and provide him a little privacy.
The second pig took a different approach and tried to create a stable home made of sticks that looked edgy and different from anything the other pigs had ever seen.
And the third pig decided it would be worth it to spend a little extra cash to build a rock-solid, indestructible house of bricks.
Until the day that wolf came along, all... Read more

Santa Claus Needs To Learn to Text

Posted by Bob Bentz on December 28th, 2009 at 12:00 am



North Pole – Who's the greatest businessman of all-time? 
No, it's not Henry Ford, nor is it John D. Rockefeller. Bill Gates? Ted Turner? Donald Trump? David Ogilvy?
Give me a break.
The greatest businessman of all time is, without a doubt, Santa Claus.

Think about it. His customers return year after year. He has a factory that churns out toys 24/7 with little overhead. He has loyal employees; of course, there aren't a lot of jobs in the world in this tough economy, so imagine how hard it is for elves these days. 
Santa Claus has a promotions department that secures prime visibility in crowded malls and gets him grand marshal positions in parades all over the world. He also has a public relations staff that writes songs, poems, and even produces television shows with him as the star. 
He's an advertising genius. Just watch TV in December and see how many commercials he's on. I've seen him drinking Coca-Cola for years and am still amazed how he can balance himself on that Norelco razor.
And talk about customer service. It's the best in the world. No waiting on hold to talk to his telemarketers. He knows what you want, often without your even telling him.
But, sometimes I think Santa Claus is slipping a... Read more

Why Advertising Agencies need a Think Tank department

Posted by Clyde Desouza on December 28th, 2009 at 12:00 am

Modern Advertising agencies have standard departments that work in sync with each other to formulate an ad campaign and service their clients. There is the Creative department, Account Services and Media Services. Each advertising agency may also have more departments that are unique to them. Some newly formed divisions in traditional agencies will include the Digital Division that has now become a must have, as technology and Online Digital advertising is becoming a message delivery vehicle to the masses and a platform not to be ignored.
It is this fact – Technology and Digital, becoming entwined with advertising in the recent years, that has actually opened up the need for a more high level "Think Tank" division to be implemented for the benefit of an Advertising Agency. Nowhere in the past few decades has technology been so central to influencing the method of advertising as has been in the past decade or more precisely the past 5 years. As Marketing and Ad agencies start off the new decade in 2010, it is certain that two terms; "technology" and "Digital" will be the buzz words that drive the success of forward thinking agencies.
Media Delivery Platforms – Old and the New:
Television, Radio, Newspapers... Read more

Want To Teach Your Employees Social Media? Make It Personal.

Posted by Jay Friedman on December 28th, 2009 at 12:00 am

Those of you reading this right now, by virtue of reading this, are probably thought leaders in the industry.  No, I'm not stroking your ego.  It's just that most people in our industry don't actively seek out news or blogs about our industry.  I'm sure every employee at my local Pizza Hut doesn't read Nation's Restaurant News, but it'd sure be nice.  We're fortunate at Goodway to have a very enthusiastic team that does seek out a lot of this information but we can always do better.  One area in which I hoped we could better follow our industry was Twitter, but just telling everyone to hop on Twitter wouldn't work.
So, instead, we created a private Twitter account, installed Tweetdeck on everyone's desktop with a login to that account, and it now gives everyone on our team the opportunity to anonymously compliment other team members.  At the end of the month, the people with the most compliments have their names put in a hat and we randomly draw a winner for a gift card.  The senior folks in our company certainly seeded the pool the first week or so but it really took off with compliments flying left and right. ... Read more