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Apple's latest browser may be a game changer

Posted by Mario Sgambelluri on February 25th, 2009 at 12:00 am

Another web browser?  Who cares? Well, Apple's latest version of Safari utterly "dominates" the competition when it comes to running Java script. So? "Running Javascript quickly and reliably is the key to making ever more sophisticated web-based applications work well." (Forbes) So Safari should set the stage for a generation of more robust, dazzling web experiences (including advertising executions, brand home pages, etc.)
Oh, the new Safari looks cool, too. And features this slick interface for browsing your most visited websites…

I blog, you blog, we all blog for ice cream?

Posted by Nanette Marcus on February 25th, 2009 at 12:00 am

Dairy Queen is offering a sweet blog contest to drive traffic and word-of-mouth about its new value menu. The first 250 bloggers to post about what deal they'd make with DQ to try its new Sweet Deal menu for free, and then email DQ with the link and their mailing address, will receive a free gift card for a Sweet Deal. The most creative "deal," as chosen by the DQ blog team, will be treated to DQ Sweet Deals every week for a whole year.
I'm getting a toothache just thinking about it.
This sounds like a fun contest -- people love free stuff, especially these days -- but judging by the lack of comments on DQ's blog at the time of my posting, I wonder if this promotion will gather the online steam the company wants.
So what deal would I make with DQ to try its Sweet Deal for free? Hm. How about telling a captive audience of online marketers about the promotion?

Tough Luck,… & Revisiting "Bush or Chimp"

Posted by Brad Berens on February 25th, 2009 at 12:00 am

Are advertisers and readers online and off zooming away from The New York Post and because of the kerfluffle over an editorial cartoon that stupidly (in so many ways) compared President Obama to a chimpanzee?
Certainly, that's the worry: after the Reverend Al Sharpton -- smelling blood and never able to stop swimming -- organized an opportunistic protest rally, the Post and Post-owner Rupert Murdoch himself each apologized, with the News Corp chairman having to descend from whichever castle he was hanging his hat to apply a torniquet to the hemorrhaging mess of public outcry.
But I'll bet that Murdoch would have stood his ground if the newspaper business wasn't at the front of the poisoned Kool-Aid line. So it was a good, if somewhat hysterical, move.
But if Michael Woolf's Newser blog's guess is true that News Corp is about to depose longtime loyalist editor Col Allan over this, then Murdoch is making a mistake. Allan should remain in place, lesson learned and properly chastened, as should the Post's advertisers who are getting what they paid for in this mess. (I know that it prompted ME to click over to for the first time in years.)
Don't get me wrong,... Read more

Snuggie Pub Crawls Take The Blanket With Sleeves And Make It Social

Posted by Jim Nichols on February 25th, 2009 at 12:00 am

The incredibly talented Lori Luechtefeld, Editor of iMediaConnection and decider of whether I get to write future features in this pub, perpetrated her chilling hatred of the Snuggie in this blog a couple of weeks ago. Clearly a case of fleece discrimination.

But that is neither here nor there.
What I want to tell you about is how social media is making the Snuggie media onslaught its own with the Snuggie Pub Crawls, a set of prescheduled flashmobs in which backwards bathrobe wearing hipsters in select cities can make a mass pub crawl to taverns, bars, and clubs and celebrate this new pop culture phenom!
Visit to find the date and time of the crawl near you.
But take a moment as well to see how the Snuggie Pub Crawls are a wonderfully democratic way for users to demonstrate their love for the product. A way made entirely possible by our fabulous Internets. And before you get all contrary on me and say that the people who are going to these crawls are actually making fun of the 21st century’s first genuine garment innovation  -- the gaucho skirt of this epoch, the Nehru jacket of... Read more

Email Marketing Isn't Immune to Media Fragmentation Worries

Posted by Jared Blank on February 25th, 2009 at 12:00 am

Television network execs have been crying in their beers (or whatever they drink nowadays ... their own Kool-Aid, I'd guess) for years now about fragmentation in broadcast television.  Increasingly targeted cable networks (not to mention Internet, which is just an extremely targeted, individually programmed medium) have siphoned off audiences from the Big 4 networks for years.  In response, the networks have,  What have they done, exactly?  I guess one response was to create and/or buy cable networks to target specific groups (Lifetime Movies for Women), leaving the networks with mass market programming (procedurals, reality and Idol).
But today we're not talking about TV, we're talking about email, and for years email marketing could get away with the networks' head-in-the-sand Mass approach to marketing because company-person communication online was basically restricted to email, banner ads and the company's website.  Batch 'em up and blast 'em out worked for years because those emails were often the only way consumers were hearing from companies.
Oh how things have changed.
The rise of social media is now impacting in large numbers not only how people consume media, but how they consume media related to companies.  In 2000 a small online retailer would reach... Read more