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9 Classic Comments I've Heard In The Last 30 Days

Posted by Jim Nichols on November 24th, 2008 at 12:00 am

9. Yes, we're transparent. But our network doesn't offer site lists. We offer opaque transparency. 8. Well, you know, we find the sample data preferable to the directly measured in terms of accurate site traffic counts. 7. What we want is something totally innovative that's guaranteed to work. 6. We want to pay the same next year as this, but we also expect 20% bonus weight. 5. Will you accept publicity in lieu of payment? After all, publicity is the currency of the web. 4. I'd much rather not pay you and just have you guys mentor us with free advice. 3. In a down economy chatchkes becomes absolutely vital to your business. 2. Comment on my personal blog: "I found this post fascining and direct you to our ofice supply compny in Sri Lanka." 1. Are Moms the same as Women 18-49? What have you heard in the past thirty days that made you either laugh or wince???

SEM Data Provides Creative Cues

Posted by Daniel Flamberg on November 24th, 2008 at 12:00 am

The key words and phrases customers and prospects use most can be creative cues for other forms of branded messaging. But too few creatives mine the insights from SEO analytics.
Maybe its because SEO is considered to be an arcane art like alchemy or maybe because the data-centric nature of SEO puts off copywriters, but there is little connection between these players who often work on the same brand. To my way of thinking, it is missed cue and waste of resources. It seems to me that effective key words or phrases -- defined as those words and combinations of words that prompt significant clicks -- are proven indicators of rational or emotional brand or behavioral triggers. And given the wide variety of ways people search, it’s a veritable shortcut into the consumer psyche.
Something about these words or phrases instantly communicates a brand value or a proposition that searchers understand, believe and are willing to click on. What better cue about how to craft messages that will resonate with target audiences. And while two-to-five words do not an ad, an e-mail or a sell sheet make, there is an explicit direction to be discerned.
Writing effective key words is like origami. You have to twist, turn,... Read more

Brand Strategy Must Drive Integrated Marketing in Web 2.0, 2.5 or 3.0

Posted by Daniel Flamberg on November 24th, 2008 at 12:00 am

Web 2.0 was about finding, developing and embracing interactive technologies to engage customers, prospects and other constituencies. Web 3.0, says Clark Kokich of Razorfish, is about integrating these cool new toys to work together to achieve business results. 

While Michael Leis jokes about the nomenclature, Clark’s underlying thought is spot on; the holy grail of integrated digital marketing is to frame a vision of a fully realized multi-dimensional interactive relationship between a brand and its customer base and then implement that vision using the latest and greatest tools we can find to achieve predictable business results.

It’s a grand but very difficult grail. Why?

Four reasons. 1. Because it forces us to get past the “amazing” features of each new tool and focus on end-user benefits rather than first user bragging rights. 2. Because the tools are constantly evolving and we are unlikely to settle on a few at the risk of missing the next big thing. 3. Because it requires both agencies and clients to overcome organizational and attitudinal silos with their attendant politics of self-interest in service to a greater goal. 4. Because it requires marketers to balance measurable business effectiveness against probable marketing efficiencies which demand a combination of proven tactics and... Read more

Is Facebook the new Thanksgiving tradition?

Posted by Michael Leis on November 24th, 2008 at 12:00 am

For many US households, alongside all the turkey, stuffing and football will be another social object the entire family shares: Facebook. 
This is a crucial turning point in suburban American culture. Even as recently as last year, it could be said that Facebook was "just for the kids" or "not as big as everyone says it is." Now take a look at Facebook's registered user year-over-year growth over the past three Thanksgivings (Fortune, Cnet, Comscore):

Busting past 120 million users this month means most everyone gathered around the table will have communicated with each other and their friends using Facebook. As a marketer and family member, take some time to talk with (or even watch how) the people in your family all use social media to connect with the people they care about.
Here are a few thought-starters to help you understand social media, and where a brand can gain impact within social media. Best of all, it may help you understand your own relationships in a different way.
How does their (or your) online persona differ from your relationships in real life?
Our identities in social media platforms are heavily affected by context: your online friend group, your offline friend... Read more

When the shopping cart is empty

Posted by Zephrin Lasker on November 21st, 2008 at 12:00 am

In the current state of the economy, the word “depression” is used more often in our newspapers than in a Prozac advertisement. Earlier this week, newspaper headlines reported bad news for the e-commerce sector – while six months ago, the industry was growing at a healthy clip of 15%, now it has slowed down to such a great extent, that it is not entirely inconceivable that the numbers for Q4 2008 will actually be lower than the preceding year.
An article in the Silicon Alley Insider illustrates just how bad the problem is. On one hand, e-commerce retailers are hurting from the decreased enthusiasm on the part of holiday shoppers. On the other, acquiring new customers is an increasingly expensive proposition.   To quote from the article:   “Over the last year and a half, prices for text ads related to women’s fashion have quadrupled, say apparel retailers.  In the popular gifts category, the price to advertise alongside results for common search queries like “gift baskets” jumped 50 percent from the 2006 holidays to 2007 and is expected to climb again this year.”   For e-commerce marketers to break through this double bind of a bad economy and increasing... Read more