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The Mobile Economy

Posted by Jeff Hasen on November 30th, 2008 at 12:00 am

Without question the current economic climate is a marketer’s nightmare, with more being expected from less. Much less.
In difficult times,  new ideas are often born. And it isn’t long before they challenge the incumbent practices. For example, right now I would guess that there are thousands of marketers dropping some of their online advertisements and exploring the possibilities of a social media campaign, with thousands more already moving ahead full-throttle.  The why is obvious—social media offers a low-cost opportunity to try something different with potentially big payoffs. On top of that, according to a new study from Razorfish, four in 10 online consumers have made a purchase based on advertising they saw on a social media site. That being said, the marriage of social media and marketing is still relatively new, and since a proven best-practices model has yet to be formed, the possibility that the effort goes up in a puff of smoke remains.  On top of that, with so many marketers already targeting sites like Facebook, the challenges of cutting through the noise have grown considerably more difficult in just a short amount of time.
While I am not here to dissuade your social media aspirations, I do... Read more

Forget mediasnacking: make a meal of online video

Posted by Brad Berens on November 26th, 2008 at 12:00 am

Earlier this week Sony's announced a new season of original-to-online video content, includng a new series called "The Hustler" starring Mark Feuerstein-- one of those "oh yeat THAT guy" actors who you have seen in a million things but can never quite place.
Over at TV Week, Daisy Whitney reports that, "Crackle carries original Web shows and releases them in four 13-week schedules each year, with new episodes debuting on the same day each week to build a regular audience."
But the key sentence -- and the mistake that Crackle, Hulu and every other original video creator keep making -- from the Variety piece is, "Each webisode will run three to five minutes."
Somewhere, somehow, the media industry decided to accept as fact the conventional wisdom that mediasnacking is where it's at.  Crazy kids today, such wisdom goes, have the attention span of a guinea pig on crystal meth, and that to these A.D.D. viewers a three minute video is the equivalent of a marathon session of all three extended DVDs of "The Lord of the Rings."
I disagree.  We know from gaming, virtual worlds, online community, instant messenger sessions and many other data points that... Read more

Dell's Social Media Strategy is Right on the Money

Posted by Matthew Dipietro on November 25th, 2008 at 12:00 am

Jeremiah Owyang, Forrester's social media guru, made a visit to the Dell offices to interview Bob Pearson, Dell's man in charge of their social media strategy. Here's the video on Jeremiah's blog. Bob has some very interesting things to say in this interview. Definitely give this a watch. It's about 5 minutes long. If you're short on time, here are some key quotes:

"Social media is becoming who we are."
"Listening to a community is arguably more important than the number of units sold."
"We're finishing what we think is chapter one, which was how do we integrate social media within Dell. Chapter two is how does social media revolutionize the business infrastructure."
"In a recession, social media actually becomes more important."
"We want to be relevant in the right communities that our customers care about, and we want to make sure that we're always having conversations. So we're not dumping content. We're trying to have conversations."
"The corporate homepage at is not really the corporate homepage. The homepage today is Google."

The Desktop Is Dead, Long Live the Desktop!

Posted by Noah Gedrich on November 25th, 2008 at 12:00 am

A growing question by brand owners to interactive marketing agencies lately, is "How do I keep my brand intact and survive through today's influx of new media?" For most, the answer is to extend the brand footprint beyond Web sites, by building Rich Internet Applications (RIAs) that live on a PCs and personal devices. The ability to move a brand from the Web to the desk top has become a near instantaneous process. As the line between the Web and the desktop grow close to each other, it’s up to the agency to reinvent itself to offer a brand the most interesting situation every time.
But in doing so, we’ve seen a significant blurring of the lines between what a desktop application is and what a Web application is. It’s hard enough for some developers to distinguish a difference anymore. But for brand owners who look to extend interactivity to the desktop and beyond, the confusion could be crippling. While the idea of a RIA has been around for quite some time, the way users think about them is clearly beginning to change.
With the help of some big players in the technology world, namely Google, Microsoft and Adobe, those distinctions... Read more

9 Viral Videos To Fill Your Wednesday Morning Until They Send Out The "We're closing early" Memo

Posted by Jim Nichols on November 25th, 2008 at 12:00 am

9. Ellen DeGeneres and Paris Hilton: New BFFs

8. Shakira Fans' Hips Don't Lie

7. World Indoor Skydiving Championship
Amazing Indoor Skydiving @ Yahoo! Video
6. Boogie Hedgehog
Boogie Hedgehog @ Yahoo! Video
5. Youngster Sells Lemonade To Make Attack Ad
Youngster Sells Cookies To Buy Attack Ad @ Yahoo! Video
4.Tyra The Lizard

3. Shrimp on Treadmills

2. Dance Party Fridays
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1. Brenden Foster's Legacy
Brenden reminds us to be very thankful for the time we have and the ways we are lucky. Happy Thanksgiving!