Joseph Carrabis' Under the Influence: Reading Virtual Minds Volume I Science and History, 4th edition

It's with great pleasure and a little pride that we announce Reading Virtual Minds Volume I: Science and History, 4th EDITION. Readers unfamiliar with my work should read my iMedia columns. This book deals with all that I've written for iMedia and more.

Reading Virtual Minds V1: Science and History, 4th edThat "4th EDITION" part in the title is important. We know lots of people are waiting for Reading Virtual Minds Volume II: Experience and Expectation and it's next in the queue.

But until then...

Reading Virtual Minds Volume I: Science and History, 4th EDITION is about 100 pages longer than the previous editions and about 10$US cheaper. Why? Because Reading Virtual Minds Volume II: Experience and Expectation is next in the queue.

Some Notes About This Book

I'm actually writing Reading Virtual Minds Volume II: Experience and Expectation right now. In the process of doing that, we realized we needed to add an index to this book. We also wanted...

Emerging Technologies Showcased at SIGGRAPH 2015 Could Be Tomorrow’s Products

SIGGRAPH has always served as a unique forum for an array of cool and innovative technologies and computer graphics approaches. Last week’s SIGGRAPH 2015 conference continued the trend.

This marked the 42nd conference and exhibition; SIGGRAPH reported that almost 15,000 attendees, partners and media from 70+ nations descended upon the Los Angeles Convention Center.

Kristy Pron, SIGGRAPH’s Emerging Technologies Program Chair said at this year’s conference, “we wanted to find technologies that can be applied to daily life, whether it will be tomorrow or in a few years. We also wanted to uncover practical emerging technology apps from various industries such as automotive.”

So here are a few examples that are still in the nascent stage but could have real-world applications soon:

SemanticPaint – A collaborative effort by Microsoft, the University of Oxford and Stanford University. The SIGGRAPH demo unveiled what the research team says is a “new and interactive and online approach to 3D scene understanding.” The system lets users simultaneously scan their environment and interactively segments a scene by “reaching out and touching any desired object or...

Will An End to Ad Fraud Mean Bigger Budgets?

Posted by Roy de Souza in Ad Networks Ad Serving Media Planning & Buying on August 19th, 2015 at 1:32 pm


As buyers begin to demand better metrics on both ad fraud and viewability from publishers, the definition of how to measure  ad fraud keeps changing. Like viewability, fraud numbers can vary depending on the third-party monitor. And if you’ve ever seen a rat on a charged grid stop moving because of operational neurosis, you know that marketers won’t unleash the biggest budgets unless they have some standards with which they can feel comfortable.

The only thing that will change all this is greater transparency. Earlier this year, IAB in partnership with ANA and 4As started an industrywide initiative known as the Trustworthy Accountability Group to help promote transparency. The MRC is also trying to establish a certification for fraud detection. But as with viewability, it’s not so simple. In March, the group released list of first principles around fraud detection, source identification, process transparency and accountability.

The first step is to arrive at a common definition of what constitutes fraud.

There exists a set of ad-related actions generated by infrastructure designed not to deliver the right ad at the right time to the right user, but rather to extract...

Tracking Consumer Behaviors like Weather Patterns… What You Could Be Learning

Posted by Bill Guild in Creative Best Practices Targeting on August 19th, 2015 at 11:05 am

I know what you’re thinking… another article about programmatic. But given the rapid pace of advancements in the programmatic space, we’ve entered a time when advertisers and retailers are forced to reexamine their strategy, take a closer look at what programmatic means to their business, and prioritize the pieces of the puzzle they should be employing to reap the greatest benefits.

This is an important time for retailers to consider the tremendous value of examining the changing costs of audiences purchased through real-time bidding. Brands must not settle with the knowledge that programmatic systems incorporate audience data in real-time or that machine learning automatically determines bid values for each impression. Pricing awareness gives advertisers an understanding of the longer-term trends that grip the programmatic advertising market. These trends can help advertisers to gauge which third-party consumer segments will be more cost-effective than others.

In order to see better results, advertisers should keep these considerations in mind:

Always be evaluating and adjusting

While it might be automated, programmatic is far from “set it and forget it” technology. Factors like current events and shifting trends require savvy advertisers to remain in a constant state of observance and advancement – constantly evaluating and adjusting their...

A New PR Plan For Games Apps Startups and Product Launches

Posted by David Murdico in Opinions on August 19th, 2015 at 1:25 am

PR has evolved. The ubiquity of social media and 24-hour access to journalists, bloggers, publications and blogs by practically anyone, combined with an increase in mobile games, apps, startups and new products launching every day, the PR game has changed significantly, resulting in a lot more competition.

PR is even being used for KickStarter and other crowdfunding campaigns to draw attention to products and services that don’t even exist yet! That was territory previously reserved for big brands, to build pre-order excitement.

Journalists and bloggers are being bombarded daily from all angles with phone calls, emails, Twitter pitches and other social media tactics.

Unless you're launching something that has brand recognition - like Star Trek - is amazingly disruptive or have a hilarious video or social media campaign at the ready, hold off on your PR pitches and press releases until you’ve built a newsworthy story, because very often, simply the fact that you launched is not newsworthy enough.

The old way of PR was to write a pitch and a press release, distribute the press release the morning of the launch, or maybe a week early to give the media a...