5 Ways To Rebuild Relationships With Former Clients

Posted by Anna Johansson in Creative Best Practices on September 18th, 2014 at 1:25 pm

Look through your contact list and see who you haven't spoken to in a long time. This might consist of clients who stopped by for a quick service or former regular clients who have just dropped off the radar. It can be too easy to fall out of contact with these organizations, especially if your company experienced a sharp increase in growth. However, you shouldn't just cast these former clients aside without regular check-ins and follow-ups. Here are five ways to rekindle business amongst former clients and inactive accounts.

Do Some Research

See what your client is up to now. Check out their online presence. Do they seem to growing or is business at a standstill? Researching your former clients before reaching out is a crucial piece. For example, you don't want to propose all new solutions to a company that has just suffered from massive layoffs. Researching your client's current situation can help you come up with conversation starters and future sales strategies. If a company has been sold, establish contact and see if you can speak to influencers in the new leadership team.

Invite Them to an Event

Events can be a great way to...

5 Website Performance Enhancers That Get You the Best Results

Posted by Anna Johansson in Websites on September 18th, 2014 at 12:17 pm

Many companies today rely on their website primarily, if not solely, as a vessel for information exchange with customers and collaborative businesses. Through blogs, contact forms, event registration, product purchase, bill pay, scheduling information, and the other functions, firms are conducting more of their day-to-day business in the digital arena.

So if a company’s website goes down, chaos ensues. Depending on the type of website and the cause or nature of the downtime, the result can be confusion and frustration for customers and the company, plus the loss of communication and even the relationship between the parties.

The first step to rectify and reduce downtime is to understand the source.

Why do websites go down?

Server issues.
A server is essentially the website’s home. If the home is flooded with spam, functioning slowly due to capacity issues, or experiences significant errors for various reasons, your website may suffer the damage.

Hosting conundrums. Sometimes there’s a not-so-seamless transition from one hosting provider to another; at other times, hosting companies simply drop the ball. Hosting troubles can cause websites to become completely inactive for a time, which can also include loss of dedicated email access so the company may not be reachable online...

How CJ Affiliate designs intelligent acquisition programs

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Today's successful brands have to be thinking about new and clever ways to cultivate and engage new prospects. Lisa Thomsen, senior strategic solutions manager, CJ Affiliate, and Brian Dominick, director, digital acquisition, American Express, led a session at CJ University, explaining how their partnership led to a successful campaign and new customer acquisition for American Express. Dominick outlined the following problems he was looking at when the brand reached out to CJ:

  • How do I scale my program and keep quality?
  • Am I missing anything else?
  • How do I reach my target audience?
Editor's note: This blog post is part of iMedia's sponsored coverage of CJ University.

Thomsen explained that CJ's mantra for tackling these challenges effectively as a partner was "ask, listen, and design." Without all three steps, it's not a true partnership. "The listen part is the most important for me," Dominick said. For him, it was important to have a real conversation rather than just be on the receiving end of a sales pitch. Thomsen claimed it is essential as a partner to listen to the full picture before even mentioning any solutions. "Asking and listening are key to learning about the business...

How to leverage customer insights in affiliate

Posted by iMedia Editors in Opinions on September 18th, 2014 at 12:11 pm

Marketers today know the importance of leveraging data, but in order to strategically improve ROI and overall program efficiency, the information gleaned must be actionable. At this year's CJ University, Desiree Toto, business development manager at CJ Affiliate, and Amber Yeray, digital marketing manager at EXPRESS, presented to attendees on the changing affiliate landscape and how to stay deeply informed about consumers. "I'm the chief purchasing officer for my family," explained Toto. But are brands aware of that purchasing power? How are they acting on the value consumers are bringing to the table?

Editor's note: This blog post is part of iMedia's sponsored coverage of CJ University.

Clients would ask Toto, "What is the value affiliate brings to the customer journey?" Her response? "I would always go back to data when asked to prove value of affiliate," she explained. CJ's new analytical platform, "Affiliate Customer Insights," is providing advertisers with the truly actionable data they need to make smart decisions and prove value.

Toto also emphasized the importance of actually using the data so many marketers have access to. According to a MarketingSherpa study, 97 percent of affiliates have access to customer data, yet...

5 pitfalls of affiliate attribution management

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Measuring affiliate channel performance is not an exact science, and many companies fall into harmful patterns when tracking their success. At a session at CJ University 2014, Dave Osman, VP of operations at CJ Affiliate and Natasha Moonka, product manager at Adometry, discussed effective and accurate attribution for affiliate programs in today's cross-channel environment. Osman defined attribution as "the process of identifying the series of events that lead to a desired outcome and giving weight to those events." According to Moonka, there are two questions that marketers need help answering: How is my business doing, and what should we be doing differently? With so many different analytics tools and systems out there, it is easy to feel lost. Here are the major pitfalls to avoid.

Editor's note: This blog post is part of iMedia's sponsored coverage of CJ University.

Not looking at marketing holistically

It is important for marketers to be able to identify how the performance of each channel affects the others. When you look at channels in silos, you aren't getting the full picture.

Viewing affiliate as the bottom of the funnel

According to recent research, consumer funnels are evolving, so don't assume you...